Kiku Matsu Dojo

Located in Lincoln Square, on the north side of Chicago, Kiku Matsu dojo serves as the headquarters of the
Aikido World Alliance (AWA), offering high-quality training in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. (Click here for a full listing of our affiliated worldwide dojos). We have classes 7 days a week and on-going students may attend as many classes as they like. Those who would like to get a taste of Aikido are invited to take our 4-week introductory course.

The ultimate goal of Aikido is the step-by-step improvement of one's character. Some of the short-term benefits of Aikido training are physical fitness, self-defense, and a sense of community.

The long-term benefits of Aikido transcend the physical and extend into all aspects of life. Aikido training takes place in the dojo but Aikido practice occurs in daily life.

Aikido is non-competitive; there are no tournaments or trophies. The goal is “victory over the self.” People of all ages, sizes, and levels of physical fitness and athletic ability can benefit from Aikido.

We invite you to come visit us to watch a class, or even better, to come train with us. See you on the mat!

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