Special Events

January 1st Dojo closed
January 7th Hatsu Geiko 3pm class
January 25th - January 28th
Kangeiko/Dan Testing (Event Flyer)
(Regular Children & Adult classes canceled that weekend)
February 17th Children's Kyu Testing
February 21st
Adult Kyu Testing
May 3rd - 6th Yudansha kai/Spring Camp (Event Flyer)
May 9th Adult Kyu Testing
May 12th Children's Kyu Testing
July 18th - 22nd Shochugeiko/Dan Testing
(Regular Children & Adult classes canceled that weekend)
September 12th Adult Kyu Testing
September 29th Children's Kyu Testing
October 4th - 7th Fall Camp
December 8th Adults and Children's Kyu/Dan Testing Holiday Party to Follow
December 24th - 25th Dojo Closed
December 30th Etsunengeiko
December 31st - January 1st Dojo Closed

Aikido World Alliance

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