Getting to Know Us

The best way to decide on which dojo you should join is to get to know its Leaders, Instructors and fellow students. But when you’re starting, it may be hard to tell one dojo from another.

In an effort to give potential students some insight into who we are as an organization, the below newsletters are accessible to all visitors. Read through them, get to know us, and all the people involved with Kiku Matsu Dojo and the Aikido World Alliance.

AWA Newsletter Spring 2016 •
Masakatasu Agatsu - The only true victory is victory over oneself
AWA Newsletter Spring 2015 • AWA 10th Anniversary
AWA Newsletter Fall 2014 • The Art of Peace Begins With You
AWA Newsletter Fall 2013 •
Weapons and Aikido
AWA Newsletter Spring 2013 •
AWA Newsletter Fall 2012 •
AWA Newsletter Spring 2012 •
The Four Principles
AWA Newsletter Fall 2011 •
Aiki Taiso
AWA Newsletter Spring 2011 •
Tai Sabaki
AWA Newsletter Fall 2010 •
AWA Newsletter Spring 2010 •
Aikido in Nature
AWA Newsletter Fall 2009 •
Aikido in the Outside World
AWA Newsletter Spring 2009 •
Reigi (Etiquette)
AWA Newsletter Fall 2008 •
Shoshin (Beginner's Mind)

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