What is Aikido?

In simple terms, Aikido is a martial art founded in the mid 1920s by Morihei Ueshiba based on the principles of harmony and expression of love for all things through budo. In deeper, more complex terms, Aikido training allows the human spirit to develop itself by unifying one’s body, mind, and spirit.

Through time, Aikido training will skillfully strike down one's ego and inherent insincerity through the discipline in the martial techniques of Aikido. The ultimate goal of Aikido is step-by-step improvement of one's character based on the rules of nature. So we become resilient and strong inside but express our spirit's strength softly.

In the natural world we find efficient, rational, and soft movements, while inside you will find the immovable and firm center. This concept makes it possible to defend oneself against an opponent of superior strength and size. Aikido movements may seem circular and soft on the surface but with some application of force Aikido can be devastating. By understanding this and Aikido's other principles one can enjoy physical exercise, gain spiritual development, as well as learn proper etiquette and behavior to all those encountered in life.

Aikido differs from many Marital Arts that would have you attempt to meet force with equal or more devastating force through crushing strikes blocks and kicks. Instead Aikido teaches to blend with the incoming force, joining with it while fluidly seizing control and neutralizing the threat.

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