Dojo classes temporarily suspended to help fight Covid 19 virus

From Sato Sensei:

We have been a community for many years now and I thank you all deeply for your support along the way.  The current times we are in has/is causing concern to the point of near panic for some, we are going through something not unlike 911 gave us.  Because of this climate I must share some not unexpected news with all of you.

We as everyone else, must share, help and fight the Covid 19 virus.  So I have come to that difficult decision, starting from today all Aikido (children and adult), Karate and meditation classes are suspended the remainder of March and through the end of April and now May.  At that time I will reconnect with everyone to see what the situation is for us and what we will have to do going forward from there.  In the meantime I will monitor the guidelines of government and state to make decisions to the best and safe interests of our dojo.  

Rotating Thursday Curriculum

Starting in March 2020 the Thursday 6pm class will feature a rotating curriculum:

1st Thursday will be relaxation, breathing and body work class.
2nd Thursday will be Jo & Bokken forms, kata and suburi class.
3rd Thursday will be Aiki taiso, taisabaki toshu and body movement class
4th Thursday will be Tai chi intro class taught by Joel Augustin 23+ year student of Tai chi.

Dojo Open House

On January 11, 2020 from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Kiku Matsu dojo will be having an open house. Come and see what our Aikido, Karate, and Meditation programs are all about. If interested in attending, please sign up . We hope to see you there.

Dojo Holiday Schedule

The dojo will be closed December 24th, 25th and 31st as well as January 1st, 2020.

The end of year dojo cleaning will be Sunday, December 29th starting about 1pm. Please feel free to arrive whenever you are available. When cleanup is finished, we will ahve our usual Sunday training followed by a small celebration. ALL members, children and adults are welcome to attend.

Shochugeiko 2019 – FULL

Additional registrations for Shochugeiko 2019 are no longer being accepted. We are at capacity for the seminar. Thank you, for all of your support.

For those that registered, we at Kiku Matsu are looking forward to a great weekend of training and instruction with all of you that take the time and expense to come to our dojo.

If you did not get your registration in before the cutoff this year, we hope to see you next year (register early) or at an upcoming AWA event.

Shochugeiko 2019

Shochugeiko (Summer Intensive Training) will be coming to Kiku Matsu Wednesday July 17 through Sunday July 21, 2019. Instruction will be by Charlie McGinnis, 7th Dan, Aikikai Shihan, from Aikido of Cincinnati and AWA Chief Instructor Andrew Sato, 7th Dan, Aikikai Shihan. For the event schedule and registration details, please click here.

Regular adult and children’s classes will be cancelled during this time. We hope you will join us for one or more sessions.

A message from Dojo-cho to people interested in beginning Aikido

Aikido is not an easy martial art.  However, it is accessible to anyone who has a desire to train.  During your practice you will go through high and low points, at times you will feel overjoyed and fulfilled.  At other times you will feel exhausted.  Whichever the case, as you walk along Aikido’s “path” you will have countless eye-opening encounters, learn about your own self, and refine your ability to judge and make decisions.

Through the practice of of Aikido, it is possible to experience the process of personal growth in harmony with others and your surroundings.

– Okamoto, Yoko