KATA – The Form From The Best Effort

In martial arts, specifically for us, Aikido. “It is a misunderstanding to feel the best way to express oneself is just to do whatever you want. This is not an expression of your Aikido or life. If one has too many possibilities to express his/her Aikido one will behave superficially. We follow forms, the strong people will express themselves strongly and kind people will express themselves kindly. The differences between each of you becomes easy to see because we train in the same form. As we repeat it over and over again, we can understand each other’s ways eventually. This is the advantage to the rules and rituals in the dojo. It can help us understand each other and accept the plus/minus of our character.

Our form starts with intention, as we train that behavior becomes a habit. As training prolongs it becomes a practice turning into second nature. “You become who you are in training”. If we make best efforts accomplishment is the reward. Becoming better than someone else only leads to a sense of inadequacy, jealousy or if we feel we are not better. We must become better than we were the day before, that is what is important. In everything we do, just try your best.

From Doshu – each Aikido devotee, after a long time period of practice, shall consider how they can offer their power and knowledge cultivated by Aikido practice to the betterment of our society.”

Andrew M. Sato May 2023
Chief Instructor ~ AWA

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