Dojo classes temporarily suspended to help fight Covid 19 virus

From Sato Sensei:

We have been a community for many years now and I thank you all deeply for your support along the way.  The current times we are in has/is causing concern to the point of near panic for some, we are going through something not unlike 911 gave us.  Because of this climate I must share some not unexpected news with all of you.

We as everyone else, must share, help and fight the Covid 19 virus.  So I have come to that difficult decision, starting from today all Aikido (children and adult), Karate and meditation classes are suspended the remainder of March and through the end of April and now May.  At that time I will reconnect with everyone to see what the situation is for us and what we will have to do going forward from there.  In the meantime I will monitor the guidelines of government and state to make decisions to the best and safe interests of our dojo.  

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  1. Dear Sensei Sato,

    We are very appreciative of you letting us know about the class suspension; as you well mentioned, this does not come as a surprise. This new pandemic has affected us all and we will have to readapt to live under this new (hopefully short ) reality.

    Although we are taking a great economic hit, we are happily investing more precious time with our daughter. From my end, I am trying to teach my little and growing “rough flower” the qualities of being like a bamboo tree; resilience is a good auto defense for our spirits.

    I want to thank you and thank all the good people and senseis at Kiku Matsu Dojo for your kindness while patiently teaching my precious one. My child, although a little bit hesitant on occasions, has learned a good deal not only about self-defense but also about self-discipline and control. I want to thank you for that. Please take care of yourself, be cautious and be safe.


    Roberto Martinez

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